UPDATE: Beginning in 2009 funding for the Litter and it will Hurt campaign was suspended due to transfer of litter tax monies to fund other state priorities. The suspension of the campaign will continue through at least 2015. The campaign material on these websites is for historical purposes.

Roadway signage and retail signage are critical communications elements because they provide vehicles for reaching people at the scene of the crime: either when they're littering, about to litter, or when someone has a chance to report the act of littering. The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has partnered with the Department of Ecology (Ecology) to put up 138 highway road signs featuring the campaign slogan, "Litter and it will hurt," and the toll-free number to report littering, 866-LITTER-1. Ecology can provide the sign design to local government public works departments who want to put up signs on local roads, to compliment the highway signs. For more information send an email to

The WSDOT signs will have a slightly different font, in order to meet federal highway regulations, but the basic sign image can be viewed below.


Ecology will continue to pursue opportunities to display campaign signs and materials with business sponsors, other state agencies and local governments. Potential sign locations include:
  • Retail signage at fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations;
  • Signage at licensing offices;
  • Signage at vehicle emissions testing stations;
  • Signage at transfer stations and landfills;
  • Signage at truck weigh stations; and
  • Signage at rest areas, parks, and recreational areas.