Current Campaign Materials

UPDATE: Beginning in 2009 funding for the Litter and it will Hurt campaign was suspended due to transfer of litter tax monies to fund other state priorities. The suspension of the campaign will continue through at least 2015. The campaign material on these websites is for historical purposes.

The campaign used media channels to spread the word that there are significant fines for littering and that there is toll-free number for reporting littering. Ecology also has many other items that carry the campaign messages.

The campaign will seek sponsors to help produce and distribute litterbags and other materials to communicate the campaign messages. In addition, the campaign will ask state agencies and local governments to help promote the campaign theme and extend the campaign message. Reminders in existing newsletters or on web sites provide a low-cost way to get out the message.

To view the various campaign materials that have been developed, click on the images below. Due to state budget issues, we are currently unable to fulfill requests for physical copies.

2007 English Side
18" x 16"
"Watching" car litterbags
2007 Spanish Side
18" x 16"
Tips for Secured Loads brochure English
3" x 8.5"
 Tips for Secured Loads Video
Tips for Secured Loads brochure Spanish
3" x 8.5"
Secure Your Load Brochure English
3" x 8.5"
 Secure Your Load Video

Secure Your Load Brochure Spanish
3" x 8.5"

18" x 12" Watching Poster

12" x 18" Unsecured Load Poster

12" x 18" Litter Fine Poster

12" x 18" Spanish Litter Fine Poster

12" x 18" Spanish Weigh Station Poster

12" x 18" Weigh Station Poster

11" x 3" Watching Bumper Sticker

11" x 3" Unsecured Load Bumper Sticker

4" x 2" or 6" x 4" Unsecured Load Sticker
Cigarette Billboard
18" x 12" Cigarette Fine Poster
4X6 Sticker
4" x 6" Sticker or Window Cling
Dashboard Decal 1
4" x 2" Dashboard Decal
Bumper Sticker
9" x 3.5" Bumper Sticker
  Road Sign
Road Sign
Paycheck Insert
8.5" x 3.5" Pay Check Insert
3" x 8" Notepad
1" x 1" Keychain

Ecology did not produce all the campaign materials that were originally designed. Click here to see designs for older campaign materials.