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Nuclear Waste Program

Central Waste Complex Operating Unit Group 6 (OUG-6)

[TSD ID#: TS-2-4] Located in Hanford’s 200 Waste Area, this unit is a storage area for solid wastes that started operating in 1988. It has 19 storage buildings, 27 storage modules for low-flashpoint wastes, and 6 outdoor storage areas that hold a wide variety of wastes. Its capacity is the equivalent of 64,000 drums, with 300,000 square feet of total storage space.


Fact Sheet Conditions


A: Part A Form F: Preparedness & Prevention
B: Waste Analysis Plan G: Personnel Training
C: Process Information H: Closure Plan
D: RESERVED I: Inspection
E: Security J: Contingency Plan

For more information about the Central Waste Complex  Operating Unit contact Deborah Singleton, Waste Management Project Manager, (509) 372-7950.

Quick Facts Card

Quick Facts Card

 Unit Permit

This file contains all the parts of the permit for this unit, condensed into a single PDF.