Western Washington Continuous Simulation Hydrology Model (WWHM)

Ecology has released WWHM2012

WWHM2012 is an updated version of WWHM that includes several new elements related to low impact development (LID). You can find a brief summary of the updates at www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/stormwater/wwhmtraining/summary2012updates.html.


To install WWHM2012, download and install first the "WWHM Program" file, then the "Map Data" file (below).


WWHM2012 will be updated as we receive comments and make improvements.

New item Ecology maintains a page of most revisions, past and present, of both the WWHM2012 program and the map data.

New item Join the WWHM email listserv for news, including new version releases. You can also check back here for periodic updates, or review WWHM2012 versions to track changes to the program over time. Finally, Clear Creek Solutions maintains a change log that documents the changes made with each release.

Ecology recently offered trainings on WWHM 2012.

You can download the presentation and the WWHM examples.

How to find out about other WWHM 2012 trainings (for a fee)

For information on training classes on WWHM 2012 please contact Dan Morris at AGC Education Foundation at 206-284-4500. You may also go to their website and navigate to find and register for WWHM 2012 training classes.

Please make sure you include your email address. If you have any questions, please contact Foroozan Labib.

What about WWHM3?

Ecology continues to support the use of WWHM3 for those who choose to continue to use it. It is up to the individual jurisdiction to determine the model that is to be used. Check with your jurisdiction to ensure that you are using an accepted model.

Download the current version of WWHM3 and any updates.


If you have questions about WWHM, please contact:
Foroozan Labib
(360) 407-6439
Please submit general comments to:

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