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Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (YBIP)

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Everybody Wins When Ecology and Irrigators Help Fish Survive Drought. -- Ecology is funding a project in which Kittitas Reclamation District is spilling water into seven creeks between Easton and Ellensburg. These creeks are critical habitat for salmon and endangered steelhead and are being hit hard by the drought. Irrigators will pick the water back up after it re-enters the Yakima and use it to irrigate crops. Both irrigators and fish get the precious drought water they need. Everybody wins.


In June 2009, Ecology and Reclamation brought representatives from the Yakama Nation, irrigation districts, environmental organizations, and federal, state, county, and city governments together to form the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (YRBWEP) Working Group to help develop a consensus-based solution to the basin’s water problems. Over the next 18 months, the group developed the Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (Plan). Ecology and Reclamation issued a Programmatic Environmental Impact (PEIS) for the Plan March 2, 2012. The PEIS serves as a framework for the plan. Individual projects will each receive a more specific environmental review.

The Plan includes the following elements:

  • Fish Passage
  • Fish Habitat Enhancement
  • Modifying Existing Structures and Operations
  • Surface Storage
  • Market-Based Reallocation
  • Groundwater Storage
  • Enhanced Water Conservation

Integrated Plan At-a-Glance

For more information about the plan, see  the Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement  for the Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan.

Focus Sheets and Other Materials

YRBWEP Working Group Documents

Yakima River Basin Environmental Reports and Documents

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Yakima Basin Integrated Plan Email List

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YRBWEP Working Group Members

  • Jaclyn Hancock
    WA Department of Agriculture
  • Mike Balboni
    US Forest Service
  • Dale Bambrick
    NOAA Fisheries Service
  • Alex Conley
    Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board
  • Seth Defoe
    Kennewick Irrigation District
  • Jerome Delvin
    Benton County Commission
  • Rick Dieker
    Yakima-Teiton Irrigation District
  • Urban Eberhart
    Kittitas Reclamation District
  • Michael Garrity
    American Rivers
  • Paul Jewell
    Kittitas County Commission
  • Dave Fast
    Yakama Nation
  • Mike Leita
    Yakima County Commission
  • Bill Lover
    City of Yakima
  • Sid Morrison
    Yakima Basin Storage Alliance
  • Lisa Pelly
    Trout Unlimited
  • Ron VanGundy
    Roza Irrigation District
  • Phil Rigdon
    Yakama Nation
  • Rick Roeder
    Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Derek Sandison
    WA Department of Ecology
  • Mike Livingston
    WA Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Jeff Thomas
    US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Jim Trull
    Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District
  • Dawn Wiedmeier
    US Bureau of Reclamationn