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Customer Service — We're listening and it shows

At the Department of Ecology, we make it a part of our business to look for ways to save time and money for the agency and the public, and to improve service, while we carry out our responsibilities to protect Washington’s environment, communities and human health. The work we do is also important to the state’s economic health: more than one-third of Washington State’s economy is directly supported by natural resources activities.

For example, we have a long-term commitment to improve environmental permitting processes and our interactions with permit holders. We strive for better timeliness and predictability of our permitting and regulatory processes so applicants know what to expect, understand the information they need to provide and when decisions will be made.

In a recent objective survey of our permit customers, they were asked their opinion about our permit processes and our service.

The results are impressive:

  • 83 percent of Ecology’s permit customers surveyed said our decisions were timely.
  • 81 percent said the permit conditions were reasonable.
For more information about our Permit Applicant Survey results, see Ecology’s news release.

We're prioritizing our work and processes, stretching each dollar to the fullest. Some of our efficiencies are big changes, others are less visible, but they add up to better business across the board.

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