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2011 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


The completion of the Department of Ecology’s first Global Reporting Initiative report in 2012 represents a crucial step forward in our work.

Real progress can only be realized when the creativity, commitment, and participation of the entire agency is put to work to implement our vision.

The report serves as an accountability tool to track our progress towards improving the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the state that we work and live in. By providing both quantitative and qualitative measures of our efforts, this report allows us to check in, renew our commitment, and celebrate our successes together as an agency.

A copy of this report in ADOBE Portable Document Format (PDF) is available at this address:

Ecology headquarters building, view from the north


Sustainability reporting at Ecology required cross-program participation, collaboration, and joint planning for shared sustainable outcomes...all based upon fundamental sustainability principles.