Ecology's stakeholder services protect Washington's ecosystem services.




Ecology provides services that benefit all residents of Washington State. The primary clients are businesses, local government (cities, counties), tribes, utility districts, port districts, permit holders, waste generators, nonprofits, schools, educators, researchers and citizens.

Many services are offered to our stakeholders (and some are required by law) through a wide range of environmental programs at Ecology including:

Ecology Services
Compliance & EnforcementEnvironmental Assessment
Environmental Education Grants and Loans
Permitting State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)/
Environmental Review
Site Clean Up Spill Response
Technical AssistanceWatershed Planning

Ecology outsourced some support services and consulting work under two categories in calendar (CY) year 2011: personal and purchased services contracts. These represent approximately 15 percent (five percent and ten percent respectively) of the total agency expenditures excluding grants.

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Ecology's Code of Conduct