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Social Impact

Ethics and Expectations

The citizens of the state expect all state officials and employees to perform their public responsibilities with the highest ethical and moral standards. Ecology staff is entrusted to conduct state business in a way that advances the public’s interest. State officers and employees hold a public trust. The most important principle is that public office — whether elected or appointed — may not be used for personal gain or private advantage.

Agency approved classroom training on the state's current ethics laws is required for all employees within six months of hire and must be taken every three years.

Of the 1550 employees at Ecology 67% are current with their training. Out of the total 1550 employees 64 are new hires in the last 6 months of 2011. Seventeen percent of those hired in the second half of 2011 have taken Ethics training since their appointment.

For further information refer to the Ethics in Public Service Act (Chapter 42.52 RCW)
or the Executive Ethics Board site.


Every day, we make important decisions at Ecology. These decisions support the quality of life of the people who live in this great state now and for generations to come.