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2014 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


2013 Combined Fund Drive Award

For 24 years, Washington has proven to be one of the most giving states in the nation. The Combined Fund Drive (CFD) is Washington State's workplace giving program for active and retired public employees. The CFD invites state and higher education employees to give to the charity of their choice through payroll contributions and agency fundraising events.

Ecology increased awareness and participation by better informing our staff about CFD and the variety of their registered charities. Ecology staff speak about the importance of CFD efforts at agency meetings and by holding charity fairs. It seems to be working; Ecology once again takes top honors as the leader in participation rates for a large state agency at 32 percent.

The Department of Ecology pledged $89,094 for charities in Washington State through several CFD fundraising events, including bake sales, musical performances, and tricycle races.