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2014 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Energy Use

The consumption of fossil fuels is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Energy consumption is directly linked to greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecology is currently reporting natural gas, fuel oil, propane, biomass, on-site renewable generated ethanol, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and aviation fuel.

Energy consumption data is not currently available for Ecology’s Manchester Laboratory or Vancouver Field Office.

Direct Energy Consumption by Primary Source

FY 2013 Direct Energy Use
Gallons Gigajoules
Agency-owned vehicles 125,710.94 16563.67
Leased vehicles (DES) 55238.44 7278.22
POV Reimbursement 18524.83 2440.83
TOTAL Gasoline 199,474.22 26282.72
Diesel Fuel
Agency-owned vehicles 10,776.21 1419.87
Leased vehicles (DES) 3314.31 436.69
Lacey HQ Generator 438.00 57.71
TOTAL Diesel 14528.52 1914.28
Natural Gas
Therms Gigajoules
Agency-owned facilities 36206.60 3819.09
Leased facilities 18280.82 1928.27
TOTAL Natural Gas 54487.42 5747.35
TOTAL Direct Energy Use => 33,944.35

Indirect Energy Consumption by Primary Source, Energy Credits & Offsets