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2014 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


Ecology’s 2013-15 Biennium Budget

This section provides an overview of how Ecology's budget funds are applied and what work results we want to see. Ecology carries out its mission through ten environmental programs plus agency administration. The agency's combined Operating and Capital Budget is divided among these programs and includes funds Ecology will pass through to other entities.

ProgramFTEs Operating Capital Operating+Capital
Water Quality 255.1$91,817,881 $475,402,411$567,220,292
Toxics Cleanup184.952,444,796 235,972,848288,417,644
Water Resources141.037,919,598 155,313,971193,233,569
Shorelands & Environmental Assistance167.4 68,954,86988,176,499 157,131,368
Waste 2 Resources119.029,606,922 36,699,72966,306,651
Air Quality114.134,213,277 14,328,54248,541,819
Administration151.532,036,848 1,317,48033,354,328
Environmental Assessment155.0 32,770,4350 32,770,435
Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction123.9 31,627,961281,090 31,909,051
Nuclear Waste82.819,762,104 11,885,00031,647,104
Spill Prevention, Preparedness & Response75.9 26,958,309026,958,309
Totals1,570.6 $458,113,000$1,019,377,570 $1,477,490,570

Quantity of Services Provided

As a public agency we are funded by the state legislature. Both our capital and operating budgets are fully disclosed in the graphs and charts on this webpage. Ecology reports its service performance to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) quarterly. The quantity of products or services provided are detailed in OFM's agency activity index, a report that is available on their website: Department of Ecology performance and results (2013-2015). This account of Ecology’s services uses 308 pages to provide a detailed account of each service provided to Washington businesses and citizens. An example of service provided (p. 205) is shown below:

Statewide Result Area: Improve the quality of Washington’s natural resources

Statewide Strategy: Establish safeguards and standards to prevent and manage pollution

Expected Results

Public funds dedicated to improving water quality are managed responsibly to protect public health and the environment. Water quality is improved by awarding about $75 million in water quality grants and loans per year to local communities. About 60 new grants and loans are awarded each year for projects under existing and on-going financial assistance programs that demonstrate clear benefits for the environment. Additional grants are awarded each year for stormwater projects, based on newly appropriated funds. Approximately 350 existing grants and loans are managed each year. Local governments get support through implementing revised grant and loan program rules that address updated water quality needs, the State Revolving Fund loan program perpetuity, balanced funding allocations, and design-build alternative contracting options. Environmental benefits are documented and illustrated through data generated from grants and loans.

Number of funded on-site sewage system repairs or replacements completed in Puget Sound counties

Ecology 2013-15 Biennium Budget Pass-Through Funding

Most of the money Ecology manages is "invested" with local governments and communities to do environmental work. Ecology awards this money as grants or loans and contracts directly for things such as:

  • Watershed planning
  • Building water pollution control facilities
  • Cleaning up publicly-owned and orphaned or abandoned contaminated sites
  • Local Washington Conservation Corp placements
  • Supporting community awareness and involvement in hazardous waste management and pollution prevention

Changes during the Reporting Period

Since our 2011 GRI report, Ecology has grown by 83 employees (from 1550 to 1633). A comparison of our previous and current biennial budgets is provided below:

Biennium Operating Budget ($) Capital Budget ($) Operating + Capital ($)
2011-2013 428,747,000 781,986,774 1,210,734,774
2013-2015 458,113,000 1,019,377,570 1,477,490,570
Change 29,366,000 237,390,796 266,756,796
Percent Change 6.85% 30.36% 22.03%