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2014 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Content Index

This index will help you find report content for the 49 GRI disclosures and indicators covered in this report. Ecology completed this second report based on GRI's "Application Level C" requirements.

Ecology applied for and received GRI's Application Level Service check, signifying that this report has the required set and number of disclosures to meet GRI's Application Level C requirements. To learn more about GRI Application Levels follow this link:

GRI Disclosure/Indicator Ecology Web Page Title Relative Link
1.1 Our Strategy strategy.html
2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 Organization organization.html
2.2, 2.7 Services services.html
2.6 Authority authority.html
2.8, 2.9 Finances finances.html
2.10 Awards awards.html
3.1-3.8, 3.10, 3.11 Our Report report.html
3.12 Content Index topicindex.html
4.1-4.4 Governance governance.html
4.14, 4.15 Stakeholders stakeholders.html
EC7, EC8 Economic Impact econimpact.html
EN1, EN2 Materials Use materials.html
EN3, EN4 Energy Use energy.html
EN8 Water Use water.html
EN13 Environmental Restoration restoration.html
EN16-EN18 Greenhouse Gas Emissions ghg_emissions.html
EN21 Wastewater wastewater.html
EN22 Waste Generation waste.html
EN23 Spills spills.html
EN26 Product & Service Impacts ps_impact.html
EN29 Transportation transportation.html
LA1, LA4, LA13 Our Workforce workforce.html
SO1, SO3 Social Impact socialimpact.html

Sustainability reporting is a process for publicly disclosing an organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance.