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Employees Commuting to Work

Ecology's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program is a government-mandated program used to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles (SOV) and the number of miles traveled by employees while commuting to and from work. The program includes the following incentives:

  • Alternative transportation incentive programs ($1 per trip) are available at the Headquarters/SWRO building and several of our regional offices.
  • Ecology funded bus passes are available at the Headquarters/SWRO building. NWRO receives ORCA Cards that pay for vanpool and transit travel.
  • Voluntary parking charge helps to fund the CTR program in Lacey.
  • Extensive telecommute system is available to many employees.
  • The bicycle commuters are supported at the Headquarters/SWRO building by a bike repair station. Employees can use the station and its tools to work on their bikes. About 1,000 Ecology employees bike to work each year.