UPDATE: Ecology's new website will be live on Monday morning! Our official web address will be https://ecology.wa.gov

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Ecology is delegated by the U.S. EPA as the state water pollution control agency, responsible for implementing all federal and state water pollution control laws and regulations. Wastewater and stormwater discharges are regulated primarily by wastewater discharge permits, which stipulate specific limits and conditions of allowable discharge.

The water used by Ecology's headquarters/southwest region building is from the City of Lacey water system. Lacey uses 19 wells (groundwater) and seven storage reservoirs (surface water) that are monitored and controlled by automated equipment. Agency staff monitor water use (see EN8) and estimated wastewater levels for our three owned facilities.

Ecology tracks three hundred wastewater treatment plants statewide each year based on their work to meet the limits and conditions of their discharge permits. The number of plants in “outstanding” compliance has grown from 14 in 1996 to 126 in 2013. This is a primary indicator of how well cities and counties are handling wastewater throughout the state.