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2014 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Water Use

Ecology installed low-flow fixtures at the Headquarters/SWRO building to conserve water. All Ecology-owned facilities have earned LEED certification, partly by taking measures to reduce water consumption. All new facilities and major remodels must now meet LEED Silver standards or better. Facilities leased by Ecology must conform to the Department of Enterprise Services’ (DES) Leased Space Requirements that include standards for low-flow and efficient plumbing fixtures.

Water Use FY 2013
Facility Supplier Total Use (m3) Indoor Use Outdoor Use
Lacey HQ City of Lacey 15623.91 Not specified
Padilla Bay NERR Skagit PUD 693.11 Not specified
NWRO City of Bellevue 2304.94 1979.39 325.55
ERO City of Spokane 1843.5 807.05 1036.45
TOTAL 20,465.45
At the time of this report, water use data were not available for other Ecology facilities.