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Beyond Waste

Organic Resource Recycling

Turn your organic wastes into resources. Learn how the beneficial reuse of organics, from soil amendments to bioenergy, provides environmental, economic and human health benefits for your community.

Compared to 20 years ago, organics recycling claims a big chunk of Washington’s recycling rate. Still, organics make up over 50 percent of all waste disposed in landfills. We are working with institutions, state and local agencies, business, residential and agricultural communities to turn those organic wastes into resources.

Achieving the following 30 year goals will take vision, commitment and cooperation.

  • Establish robust markets for organic products, including soil amendments and bioenergy.
  • Create closed-loop materials management where organics become products according to highest and best use.
  • Society supports a sustainable organics cycle and business and government operating plans include organics management.



Waste prevention, composting, building healthy soil, and energy recovery technologies.
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Develop new food scrap management programs for institutions and agencies.
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Include a model organics management section in your county solid waste plan.
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