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Ecology for Businesses

Thea Foss waterway cleanup and redevelopment project, in Tacoma

E-business with Ecology

Doing business with Ecology should be as straightforward as possible. That’s why Ecology is undertaking a comprehensive e-business initiative - to modernize the options available to submit forms, applications, reports, test results and other documents.

Ecology already offers some flexible options to submit data, apply for permits or file reports. For instance, contractors can apply online for a construction stormwater permit, or a plant operator can file required water quality reports directly into an Ecology database. And, we are working to do more.

E-submission exempt documents

Annually, Ecology reviews documents, forms, and fees that are submitted to us, As a result, we identified some that couldn’t be submitted electronically. This is due to either existing legal requirements or because the technical nature of the documents made it necessary for Ecology to have the documents in paper format.

The following list of documents, forms or payment of fees are exempt from e-submission under state law RCW 43.17.095.

  • Engineering plans and specifications related to permits issued by Ecology’s Water Quality program.
  • Permitted facility construction quality assurance program certification of rule compliance per WAC 173-303-370(5)(c)
  • Permit modification or facility closure/post closure requests per WAC 173-303-610
  • Notifications for permitted facilities per WAC 173-303-800 – 841
  • RCRA Part B modification request for permitted Dangerous Waste Facilities
  • Notification of Dangerous Waste Activity (Notification Site ID form)
  • Trust Agreement/Standby Trust Agreement for TSDs and Dangerous Waste Recyclers (Financial Assurance)
  • Surety Bond Guaranteeing Payment for TSDs and Dangerous Waste Recyclers (Financial Assurance)
  • Surety Bond Guaranteeing Performance for TSDs and Dangerous Waste Recyclers (Financial Assurance)
  • Letter of Credit for TSDs and Dangerous Waste Recyclers (Financial Assurance)
  • Cooperate Guarantee for TSDs and Dangerous Waste Recyclers (Financial Assurance)
  • Bond of Registered Tire Storage Site Owner
  • Bond of Registered Waste Tire Carrier


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