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Climate Change

Climate Change in Washington

Public input spurs Clean Air Rule updates

Earlier this year, we proposed the draft Clean Air Rule, which would cap and reduce carbon pollution in Washington. The rule would help slow climate change and limit the projected effects on our state's coastal communities, agricultural industries, and drinking water supplies.

Since releasing the proposed rule, we have sought feedback that would help inform and shape the draft rule. We met with numerous groups and stakeholders and received a lot of helpful and constructive ideas.

We've withdrawn the proposed rule to make updates and intend to release a new proposed rule and supporting documents for public review in the spring. Learn more about rule >

Climate change in Puget Sound

A new report from the Climate Impacts Group, State of Knowledge: Climate Change in Puget Sound, provides a comprehensive synthesis of relevant research on the likely effects of climate change on the Puget Sound region. Read the report >

What is climate change and what causes it? How is it affecting us, and how will it affect us in the future?

Cutting our greenhouse gas emissions is crucial to reducing the effects of climate change. Here's what we're doing in Washington and what you can do.

Climate change is happening now and will continue to happen. How are we preparing for climate change's impacts?

Climate change is altering the chemistry of ocean water, which has big impacts on Washington's marine life and economy.