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2009 Executive Order Archive

On May 21, 2009 Gov. Chris Gregoire directed state agencies to take actions to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, to increase transportation and fuel-conservation options for Washington residents, and protect our state’s water supplies and vulnerable coastal areas. A report card on the work completed under the Executive Order to date can be found in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.

Executive Order 09-05, Washington's Leadership on Climate Change directs state agencies to:

  • Continue to work with six other Western states and four Canadian provinces in the Western Climate Initiative to develop a regional emissions reduction program design.
  • Advise the federal government and Washington's congressional delegation on designing a national program that reflects state priorities.
  • Work with companies that emit 25,000 metric tons or more each year to develop emission reduction strategies.
  • Work with businesses and interested stakeholders to develop recommendations on emission benchmarks by industry to make sure 2020 reduction targets are met.
  • Work with TransAlta to reduce emissions from the company’s coal-fired power plant near Centralia by more than half.
  • Work with DNR to develop a forestry offset program and other financial incentives for the forestry and the forest products industry.
  • Evaluate a low-carbon fuel standard or alternative requirements to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.
  • Join with WSDOT, other West Coast states and the private sector to make alternative fuels, including electricity for plug-in vehicles, available along the West Coast highway and adjoining metropolitan centers.
  • Working with the larger regional transportation councils, develop regional transportation plans that will increase transit options, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Address the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels and the risks to water supplies.