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State Agency Climate Leadership

In 2009, the Washington State Legislature approved the State Agency Climate Leadership Act E2SSB 5560, which established greenhouse gas emissions reduction limits for state agencies. It directed state agencies to quantify GHG emissions, develop strategies to meet the GHG reduction targets and report on actions taken to reduce GHG emissions. (See RCW 70.235.050 and RCW 70.235.060)

Ecology is required to compile a biennial report and provide an update to the governor and the legislature on agency progress in meeting the reduction targets. Ecology submitted the first report in December 2010 and the second in December 2012, see below.

Tools and Resources for Reporting in 2014

Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The 2013 greenhouse gas emissions inventory is due September 1, 2014. The calculators/ information guides below should be used to quantify GHG emissions.

To submit the 2013 GHG emissions report use the steps to upload the calculator to Ecology’s database. This process will be described in a separate email later this summer after testing is complete.

For questions on the GHG calculator, contact Gail Sandlin.

Reports to the Governor and the Washington Legislature

December 2012 Report

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Washington State Government
Second Biennial Progress Report

December 2010 Report

Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

State agencies’ greenhouse gas reduction strategies were submitted to Ecology in 2011, using the suggested format, below. The emissions reduction tool posted below helped agencies identify and understand actions to reduce their emissions. This is a one time requirement. However, by October 1st of each even-numbered year beginning in 2012, each state agency must report to Ecology the actions taken under the strategy to meet the emission reduction targets for the preceding fiscal biennium.


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