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Archive of Past Activities

Growth Management Act (GMA)

In 2008, the Legislature enacted Senate Bill 6580 (now expired) to address mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through land use and transportation planning processes under the Growth Management Act (GMA) The legislature recognized that it is in the public interest to reduce the state’s dependence upon foreign oil; and that the state, including cities, counties, and residents, must engage in activities that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and dependence on foreign oil.

2010 Comprehensive Plan

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature approved the Climate Change Framework codified in Chapter 70.235, Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which established state greenhouse gas emissions reduction limits in law, RCW 70.235.020, and directed Ecology to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse emissions. Ecology has published the second edition of that plan in 2010 (the first edition was published in 2008).

2010 Topic Advisory Group (TAG) Archive

Topic advisory groups (TAGs) were formed to assist state agencies with the development of the state climate change response strategy. The advisory groups met from February 2010 through February 2011 to develop interim recommendations on strategies and actions Washington State should take to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The advisory groups addressed four key areas: The Built Environment, Infrastructure and Communities, Human Health and Security, Ecosystems Species and Habitats, and Natural Resources (working lands and waters). The recommendations developed by the groups form the basis for the formation of the Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy for Washington State.

2009 Executive Order

On May 21, 2009 Gov. Chris Gregoire directed state agencies to take actions to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, to increase transportation and fuel-conservation options for Washington residents, and protect our state’s water supplies and vulnerable coastal areas. A report card on the work completed under the Executive Order to date can be found in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. See more about the 2009 Executive Order.

2008 Climate Action Team (CAT) Archive

The recommendations in the final report "Leading the Way: Implementing Practical Solutions to the Climate Change Challenge" represent the CAT’s vision for moving Washington towards a low-carbon future with economic opportunities, and describe the bold and thoughtful action needed to build the foundation by which Washington can meet the 2020 greenhouse gas emission and vehicle miles traveled reduction requirements established in ESSHB 2815.

2007 Climate Advisory Team (CAT) Archive

Governor Gregoire set ambitious goals for addressing climate change in her 2007 Executive Order. With her leadership, we will reduce the pollution that leads to climate change, grow our clean energy economy and move toward energy independence. See the 2007 interim report, "Leading the Way: A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Washington State”.