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2007 Climate Advisory Team Archive

2007 Climate Advisory Team (CAT) Archive

Climate Advisory Team objective

Governor Gregoire set ambitious goals for addressing climate change in her Executive Order. With her leadership, we will reduce the pollution that leads to climate change, grow our clean energy economy and move toward energy independence.

Reducing Climate Pollution. By 2020, we will reduce our emissions to what they were in 1990, and then reduce them by another 25 percent by 2035.  By 2050, emissions from Washington will be fully 50 percent below our 1990 levels.  Goals like these not only inspire, they offer all of us incentives for the future.

Growing the Clean Energy Economy. The steps we take to reduce our impact on the climate are also an opportunity to grow the economy.  There are good, family wage jobs in the next Washington, jobs from cleaner energy, smarter use of natural resources and adoption of advanced technology.  This sector of our economy is growing rapidly — in fact, it grew 45 percent between 1998 and 2004. Governor Gregoire believes Washington will continue to be a leader in the clean energy economy, with 25,000 jobs in this sector by 2020, a three-fold increase.

Moving Toward Energy Independence. Washingtonians spent over $9 billion, almost $25 million each day, on imported fuel last year — that's more than we spend on K-12 education. Governor Gregoire believes we should keep some of that money in our own economy by growing our renewable fuel industry and becoming more efficient.  To help us move toward energy independence, Governor Gregoire's goal is to reduce the amount we spend on imported fuel by 20 percent by 2020.