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2007 Climate Advisory Team Archive

Technical Working Groups (TWGs)

Technical Working Groups (TWGs) serve in an advisory role to the CAT. The TWGs are structured around the following sectors:

  • Agriculture - biofuels, waste reduction, recycling and energy recovery, solid waste management
  • Energy Supply - heat and power generation, electrical generation, transmission
  • Forestry - forest restoration, sustainable forest management, wood energy and sequestration
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial - energy efficiency and conservation, industrial process, "customer side" of the meter
  • Transportation - including vehicle efficiency, alternative fuels and demand reduction programs

The TWGs will hold regular meetings between each of the CAT meetings and report recommended actions to the CAT throughout the process to support decision-making and consensus building. The TWGs will perform the following tasks in assistance to the CAT:

  • Review existing, planned and potential state actions to reduce emissions and suggest additional state actions for CAT consideration;
  • Assist with and review the technical analysis of existing, planned and potential state actions, including data sources, methods and key assumptions;
  • Develop initial policy action designs, including goals, timing and applicability of those state actions;
  • Respond to requests by the CAT for the development of alternative design scenarios or analyses;
  • Review draft final policy action text and final report language.

The TWG efforts will be directed towards recommendations that fit the unique characteristics of Washington's economy, institutions, and environment.

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