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Forest Carbon Workgroup

Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant and Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark have convened a Forest Carbon Workgroup to further develop recommendations regarding the critical role our state’s forests will play as we address the challenges of climate change. In 2008, the Forest Sector Workgroup on Climate Change Mitigation delivered consensus recommendations for carbon offset market and incentive mechanisms that set a national high-water mark for substantive forest carbon outcomes of stakeholder deliberation.

Pursuant to Governor Gregoire’s Executive Order 09-05 and passage of ESHB 2541 by the 2010 Washington Legislature, Director Sturdevant and Commissioner Goldmark are convening this group for discussions aimed at three objectives:

  • Further develop effective state incentive mechanisms to reward forest landowners for maintaining significant carbon storage in forests and long lived wood products.
  • Further address the issue of avoided conversion of working forest lands from the standpoint of the carbon sequestration implications of conversion, and ways that consideration of carbon effects can be built into working forest retention efforts.
  • Discuss the potential and desirability of 1) refinements to the Climate Action Reserve forest protocol to enhance its applicability in Washington State; and 2) using the Climate Action Reserve registry for voluntary Washington State forest carbon credits to best position state forest landowners as early participants in any federal or regional carbon offset market.

The Forest Carbon Workgroup is co-chaired by Stephen Bernath from the Department of Ecology and Craig Partridge from the Department of Natural Resources. The Co-Chairs anticipate that the Workgroup may have recommendations for legislation by December, 2010.

The draft charter for the Forest Carbon Workgroup was reviewed and endorsed by workgroup members. In October the workgroup co-chairs submitted an interim report to the Director of Ecology and the Commissioner of Public Lands.

Forest meetings archive

The workgroup held regular meetings throughout the greater Puget Sound region between May and December of 2010. Agendas and presentations from all meetings can be found in the archive.


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