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Climate Change

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS)

In May 2009, Governor Christine Gregoire issued Executive Order (E.O.) 09-05, Washington's Leadership on Climate Change. E.O. 09-05 directs the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) to assess whether the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) or a modification thereof would best meet Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Accordingly, in consultation with Washington Departments of Commerce and Transportation, and with consultant assistance, Ecology will:

  • Assess various lower carbon fuel programs and options.
  • Assess how those options would align with Washington’s transportation fuel supplies, greenhouse gas reduction targets, and state economic conditions,
  • Recommend whether to pursue adoption of a low carbon fuel standard for Washington, what LCFS policies would best fit Washington, and if not recommended what alternatives could help achieve state GHG targets.

To complete our assessment of an LCFS, Ecology conducted a series of workshops with interested stakeholders. All presentations and information from those meetings can be found in the Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) Archive