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King Tide Schedule - Winter 2015-2016

Help us collect photos of highest winter tides along Washington's shorelines, estuaries and coastal communities by following these steps:

  1. Locate high tides near you:
    • Check Ecology’s winter 2015-2016 King Tide map and schedule (below). Click on any region to open a printable PDF of the tide schedule for that region.
    • Check a tide table for exact times in your area.
    • Check out Ecology’s Coastal Atlas to locate a public beach.

  2. Take photos during one of the identified high tides in your area.
    • To better illustrate the impacts of the high winter tides, take photos in areas where the high water levels can be gauged against familiar landmarks such as sea walls, jetties, bridge supports, dikes, buildings or roads.
    • Please do not include people in your photos.
    • Take photos from a safe location.
    • If possible, take a photo from the same location at low tide for comparison.

  3. Upload your photos to the Anecdata Washington King Tides site. More information on uploading photos to Anecdata can be found on the site.

  4. Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
    • Use the hashtags #kingtideswa and #kingtides.
    • Make sure to tag the location in your photos for best reference.

Thank you for helping us track this year's king tides!

Click the map or a link below to view a printable PDF of each region's predicted King Tides

King Tides map – click a region to view dates and times Click to view Puget Sound region King Tides Click to view Coastal Washington region King Tides Click to view Strait of Juan de Fuca King Tides