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Climate Change

National and Regional Leadership

Ecology works on a number of bilateral, regional, and national partnerships to reduce GHG emissions and adapt to and prepare for climate change impacts.

British Columbia – Washington Climate Action Collaboration:

Watch the Feb. 2, 2011 agreement signing video.

Regional Collaboration on Climate Action:

Western Climate Initiative (WCI)

  • The WCI began when the Governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington signed the 2007 Governors' Agreement directing their respective states to develop a regional target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, participate in a multi-state registry to track and manage greenhouse gas emissions in the region, and develop a market-based program to reach the target. Montana, Utah and the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec have since joined. See the WCI partners list.
  • The Western Climate Initiative is one of three regional initiatives in the U.S. that is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is the first mandatory, market-based effort in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ten Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states have capped and will reduce CO2 emissions from the power sector 10% by 2018. In the Mid-West, the states of Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin as well as the Province of Manitoba have signed the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord and released recommendations for a regional carbon market along the lines of that done by WCI.