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Ocean acidification threatens Washington's marine species and ecosystems

Ocean water is becoming more acidic because of carbon pollution from human activities. This process, known as ocean acidification, may be having negative impacts on marine animals, particularly shellfish. Scientists predict that ocean acidification will continue in the future, which could cause big problems for many important species in Washington, including humans.

Learn the basic science of ocean acidification and how it affects Washington.

See how partners are working together to address ocean acidification in Washington.

The Ocean Acidification center connects researchers policymakers, industry and others to advance the science of ocean acidification.

This groundbreaking effort engaged a variety of organizations to identify priorities to address ocean acidification.

NOAA fosters federal efforts to understand and respond to ocean acidification globally. Learn about our local-level partnership at the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab.

The Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems shares ocean acidification data throughout Washington and Oregon.