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Carbon pollution from power plants

Nationwide, the majority of carbon pollution comes from the electricity sector. Washington is unique compared to the national numbers. We have an abundance of hydropower and very little of our electricity comes from coal. Therefore, the amount of carbon pollution from our electricity sector and transportation sector looks different than the national comparison.

There are 11 power plant units, owned by six companies, in Washington that are currently covered under the Clean Power Plan.

Quick facts about Washington power plants (from the U.S. Energy Information Administration):

  • The Grand Coulee Dam on Washington's Columbia River is the largest hydroelectric power producer in the United States, with a net summer generating capacity of 7,079 megawatts.
  • In 2014, Washington was the leading producer of electricity from hydroelectric sources and produced 30% of the nation's net hydroelectricity generation.
  • Washington ranked 10th in the nation in net generation of electricity from wind energy in 2014.
  • In 2014, Washington had the lowest average residential retail electricity prices in the nation and the lowest average combined retail electricity price across all sectors.

Washington state greenhouse gas emissions 2012

Collaborating on Washington's plan

We held a sounding board session in August of 2015 to hear from people around the state about what they wanted to weigh in on as we develop Washington’s plan. The results of the event poll and the presentation are available on our website:

Get involved

We have created technical workgroups and scheduled a series of meetings to engage with industry, tribes, local governments, environmental groups and the public in Washington.

> Get past and current event details on the involvement page.