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Climate Change

Climate Change Resources

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What is Climate Change?

Science of global warming and climate change

Reports on Climate Change

Charts & Graphs on Climate Change

from the Ecology Air Quality program

Weather & Climate Trends

Resources for Teachers

  • Cool Schools – teacher classroom challenge, Energy Audit, Speaking Carbonese.
  • Climate Classroom - What's up with Global Warming? for parents, kids and teachers, from the National Wildlife Federation
  • ReSources - Sustainable Schools, engages schools in waste reduction, energy efficiency, and smart transportation choices.
  • ARM Education - Science of climate & weather by Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program for teachers and students
  • Artic circle ice study blog- a middle school teacher's first hand account of her research trip to study ice in the artic circle
  • Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
  • Hippo Works
  • Think MTV on the Environment - geared toward teenagers and solution-based resources.
  • Project BudBurst - a national field campaign for citizen scientists engaging the public in the collection of climate change data based on the timing of leafing and flowering of trees and flowers. (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)

What are the possible impacts of Climate Change?

Climate Change Indicators

Impacts and Actions in Washington State (particularly the Puget Sound area)

Economic Implications

Human Health Impacts

What is being done?

Carbon Calculators:

Clean Energy Programs

Transportation Alternatives

Washington State & the Northwest

State Coordination Efforts

Federal Agencies

U.S. Climate Organizations

International Climate Organizations