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Climate Change

Climate Change: Disrupting our Economy, Environment and Communities

Rising Sea Level

Rising sea level - As global temperatures rise, the oceans warm slightly and expand, ice caps and glaciers melt, and more precipitation falls as rain instead of snow. This causes sea levels to rise. Most climate change models forecast a global sea-level rise of half a meter (over 1½ feet) by 2100.

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Coastal community flooding - Washington's shoreline (including coastal bays, Puget Sound and more than 300 islands) gives the state a large exposure to the risks and impacts of rising sea levels, higher tides and storm surges.

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Coastal erosion & landslides - Climate change is predicted to increase storm intensities and wave height in the Pacific Ocean. More frequent, intense storms combined with higher overall sea levels will result in higher coastal erosion rates and more storm damage.

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Seawater intrusion in wells - A higher sea level means saltwater may penetrate wells in low-lying communities. This will reduce the availability of freshwater for coastal communities.

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Lost wetlands & estuaries - Wetlands often occur in low-lying areas and rising sea levels may convert these valuable habitats to deep water.

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