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Scientific Projections of Climate Change Effects in Washington State

NEW! - 2/17/09 2009 Full Report (29MB pdf)

Executive Summary (8MB pdf)

NEW! - 2/24/09 Focus on Impacts of Climate Change in Washington State - overview factsheet (pdf)

Listen to the KUOW radio discussion of the Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment, including Jay Manning and Janice Adair.

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CIG Climate Change Scenarios

University of Washington Climate Impacts Group (CIG) - Feb. 11, 2009

The most detailed scientific report ever conducted on how climate change could affect Washington's environment and public health paints a stark picture, but it should help the state avoid being surprised by climate-related changes coming down the road.

The assessment led by the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group was released Feb. 11, 2009, to the Washington Department of Ecology and the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development.

Simultaneously, a team of economists led by the University of Oregon completed a report on the economic costs in Washington state of a “business as usual approach to climate change.” For more information, see Impacts of Climate Change on Washington's Economy.

The UW Climate Impacts Group assessment, which provides information critical to planning for climate change in the next 50 years, is built on global scenarios. One assumes low greenhouse-gas emissions and the other assumes medium emissions. The global scenarios were tailored to reveal climate changes and consequences for Washington, something few other states have accomplished for themselves.

In 2007, the state Legislature funded the Climate Impacts Group to lead the study, with two principal investigators: Edward Miles, U.W. professor of marine affairs and head of the U.W. Climate Impacts Group, and Dennis Lettenmaierm at the U.W. civil and environmental engineering school.

For more information, see the Climate Impacts Group: The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment page