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Climate Change

Resources and Links


  1. Examples of relevant environmental review documents
  2. General References
  3. Using SEPA analysis to evaluate climate change impacts
  4. Evaluating emission sources
  5. Addressing vulnerability to a Changing Climate
  6. Reducing or avoiding emissions
  7. Significance Determination
  8. Non-Project (land-use planning and other programmatic analysis)
  9. Environmental impacts of greenhouse gases

1) Examples of Relevant Environmental Review Documents

These websites provide a list of SEPA-like documents that address climate change impacts. Agencies can use these as examples of the type of analysis that may be applicable to their SEPA reviews.




  • Examples (select link to “on-line resources”)
  • NEPA - How to search for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

2) General References

3) Using SEPA analysis to evaluate climate change impacts

These links provide examples of how other agencies in Washington are addressing climate change in SEPA. It also includes resources from other states with similar processes, as well as guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality regarding NEPA and climate change.

4) Evaluating emission sources

These websites provide information on calculation methods and other protocols for evaluating greenhouse gas emissions.

5) Addressing Vulnerability to a Changing Climate

These resources provide information on how to assess and mitigate for the cumulative environmental impacts of a proposal combined with the local and regional impacts of a changing climate.

6) Reducing or Avoiding Emissions

These websites include information on general climate change mitigation and specific emission reduction measures applicable to SEPA-like environmental reviews

7) Significance Determination

These agencies and organizations have adopted and/or analyzed options for making a significance determination for environmental review processes similar to SEPA.

8) Non-Project (land-use planning and other programmatic analysis)

These websites include general information and guidance on climate change analysis on land-U.S.e plans and other types of programmatic environmental review.

9) Environmental Impacts of Greenhouse Gases

These websites provide general background on Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and local, state, national and international programs that address climate change in general.