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Welcome to Ecology's Construction Portal!

This site is a resource for Washington state contractors and developers.  Here you can access information, permits, and regulations that apply to construction activities.  Also included is green building information.  Implementing green building practices during any or all stages of a project can significantly reduce the impact on the environment while saving you time and money.

Before beginning any project it is important to check with your city and county planning and land use departments to ensure compliance with all local codes, zoning, and permits.

Planning and Design

Information for getting started with your project including links relating to green building, low impact development, and additional industry information.

Stormwater and Working in Water

Information regarding regulatory guidance for contractors, planning your project for Washington’s rainy season, and water quality issues.

Additional Regulations and Permits

Local, state, and federal regulations including permit applications as well as contact information.

Construction Waste

Information on how to recycle construction related waste and properly dispose of other waste.


Find specific agency contact information.

Office of Regulatory Assistance Environmental Permitting Services

Contact the Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA) for additional help.

Visit the Department of Ecology's Green Building website.

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