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Environmental Monitoring Data

Ecology for Scientists' data page; a comprehensive list of environmental data sources, listed by topic area. Also identifies data types that are available in Ecology's Environmental Information Management (EIM) system.

Ecology Databases (A-Z)

Alphabetical listing of other Ecology databases and data sources.
Database includes map access. = Databases with map access.
Database includes map access. Air Quality Monitoring
This database provides near real-time air quality information to protect health. It's used to determine if air quality meets health-based federal standards.
  Brownfields - see TCP Web Reporting
  Areawide Remediation Environmental Information System (AREIS)
This database holds soil sampling and cleanup records for properties in the Tacoma Smelter Plume. Data from the Everett Smelter cleanup will be available here soon.
  Brownfields - see TCP Web Reporting
  Children's Safe Product Act (CSPA) Reports
Search the database of first reports required from manufacturers of children's products about the presence of specific toxic chemicals of concern in their products. Products covered include toys, cosmetics, jewelry and baby products. Reporting requirements are being phased in.
  Cleanup of Contaminated Sites:
  Cleanup Levels and Risk Calculations (CLARC)
Chemical-specific information related to the establishment of cleanup levels under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Cleanup Regulation, Ch. 173-340 WAC
Database includes map access. Coastal Atlas Map
Information about Washington’s marine shorelines and the land areas near Puget Sound, the outer coast, and the estuarine portion of the Columbia River, including public access and beach closures. The Coastal Atlas includes information about:
Database includes map access. Columbia River Mainstem - Water Resources Information System (WEBMAP)
Mapped water rights, place of use, diversions, stream flows, metering, and water right documents.
  Environmental Covenants - see TCP Web Reporting
Database includes map access. Environmental Information Management (EIM)
Access discrete and time-series environmental data for air, water, soil, sediment, aquatic animals, and plants. Use the Environmental Monitoring Data for scientists page to help you focus your search.
  Environmental Permit Handbook
Information on permits, licenses, certifications, and other approvals.
Database includes map access. Facility/Site Identification (F/SID) System
Information on facilities and sites of interest to the Department of Ecology.
  Fertilizer Database (Wastes in Commercial Fertilizers)
Information about commercial fertilizers that are registered for distribution in the state of Washington.
  Grade Level Expectations (GLE) Correlations to Environmental Education Resources
Links Project WET and Healthy Water, Healthy People with Washington’s OSPI Grade Level Expectations.
  Industrial Permits
Active and proposed permits for aluminum smelters, oil refineries, and pulp and paper mills.
  Laboratory Accreditation
Information on accredited laboratories including analytical parameters.
Database includes map access. Lakes
View Washington State lake data including aquatic plants, toxic algae, herbicide use, fish management, grants and loans and more.
  Materials Exchange ("2Good2Toss")
Information on available or wanted used or surplus building materials and large household items.
Database includes map access. Polluted Waters - 303(d) Listing
Listing of streams, lakes, and estuaries whose beneficial uses are impaired by pollutants.
  Product Testing Database
Various consumer products are tested to ensure state and federal rules are met. The presence of a chemical in a product does not necessarily mean it's unsafe. See the focus sheet ror more information.
  Public Involvement Calendar
Information on Ecology's public hearings, meetings, workshops, open houses, and open comment periods.
  Publications and Forms
Information on Ecology's publications and forms.
  Recycling (1-800-RECYCLE)
Information on recycling opportunities in your neighborhood.
Database includes map access. Shoreline Aerial Photos
A collection of over 70,000 oblique aerial photos of Washington’s shorelines. The first set is from the 1970’s and focused on Washington's 2,500 miles of marine shoreline; the most recent travels inland, covering the lakes and rivers of Eastern Washington.
Interactive map Smelter Search
Searchable map of areas with arsenic soil contamination from former smelters in Tacoma and Everett. Impacted areas include parts of Thurston, Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties.
  Staff directory
Ecology staff e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Register
SEPA documents issued statewide since 2000.
  Subject referral directory
Ecology staff contact information by subject.
  TCP Web Reporting (formerly “ISIS Web Reporting”)
Selected reports on cleanup sites, brownfield sites, and underground storage tanks.
  Thermal stream surveys
Water temperatures of many rivers in Washington State (thermal infrared images)
  Underground Storage Tanks and Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (UST & LUST) - see TCP Web Reporting
  Water Quality Permit Databases
Information on water quality permits for municipalities, industries, dairies, fish-rearing facilities, stormwater, sand and gravel operations, and aquatic pesticides.
Database includes map access. Water Resources Explorer
Water Rights and Wells web site that provides access through an interactive map to information maintained by the Water Resources Program (Program) within the Department of Ecology as well as links to other water resource related information.
  Well Construction and Licensing System (WCLS)
Well drilling projects and well logs since 1995. Current licensed drillers and drilling companies.
Database includes map access. Well Logs
Information on the location, ownership, construction details, and lithology of completed wells.

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