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Earth Day 2015

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On Earth Day and every day, we welcome you as a partner in caring for our air, land and water — some of our state’s greatest treasures.

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* ENVIRO-TIPS - Simple things YOU can do to protect Washington's environment

* REPORT A PROBLEM - The sooner Ecology knows about an incident, the quicker we can act to reduce damage to our environment and protect sensitive natural resources.

* SUSTAINABILITY - Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

* RECYCLING LOCATIONS - Where to recycle electronics, appliances, metals, construction materials and more.

* BEYOND WASTE - Washington's plan for managing hazardous and solid waste. We have a clear and simple goal: eliminate wastes and toxics whenever we can and use the remaining wastes as resources.

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* BISPHENOL A (BPA) - a chemical building block that is used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Restrictions are coming July 1, 2011

* PHOSPHATES - a common ingredient in household detergents and fertilizers. The best way to protect our state’s water is to avoid putting phosphorus into it to begin with.

* DIESEL EXHAUST - the air pollutant causing the most harm to public health in Washington State. Seventy percent of the cancer risk from airborne pollutants is from diesel exhaust.

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* CONSERVE WATER - it all starts with you!

* OURS TO PROTECT - what you can do at home, at play and at work to help keep our waters clean.

* SPILLS AREN'T SLICK - participate in our photo initiative by posting a picture of your local marina on our Facebook page.

* CLEAN GREEN BOATING - Boat owners play an important role in protecting water quality while they enjoy the water and when they repair and maintain their investment.

* STORMWATER - is run-off that flows through storm drains and is released untreated into local waterways.

* URBAN WATERS INITIATIVE - addressing rivers, bays, or other water bodies near high-population areas.

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* ACT ON CLIMATE - EPA's campaign to raise awareness and inspire action on reducing carbon pollution

* WHAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE? - understanding the science behind this global trend. Most of the global warming in recent decades is very likely the result of human activities.

* EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE - changing climate means warmer temperatures, reduced snow pack, extreme weather and rising sea level.

* CLIMATE RESPONSE STRATEGY - a framework that decision-makers can use to help protect Washington’s communities, natural resources and economy from the impacts of climate change.

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Every little bit helps! What's your bit??

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