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What is MyEIM?
Returning users

MyEIM is an advanced tool for searching and analyzing data.  It is suggested for advanced users only.  With MyEIM you can:

  • Customize your search using almost any field within EIM (requires querying skills)
  • Analyze your chemical and biological data and compare with cleanup standards for environmental media, including soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater, air, and fish tissue.
  • Map your EIM data via custom search or the analysis tools, make custom station groups, and more.

Many users find that EIM's basic Search meets their needs.  It doesn't require an account.  Also, if you want to submit data, go to EIM's Submit Data page.

Log in to SecureAccess Washington account
Ecology staff version

How do I access MyEIM? — 3 easy steps

(Department of Ecology staff - go to Ecology staff version)

  1. Make a SecureAccess Washington account

or Log in if you already have a SAW account

Sign up for a SecureAccess Washington account


  1. Add the MyEIM service

From your SAW account select:

  1. "Add a New Service" button;
  2. "Department of Ecology" from the agency list;
  3. "MyEIM" from the service name list;
  4. "Apply" button.
  1. Go to MyEIM

From your SAW account select:

  1. "My Secure Services" tab;
  2. "MyEIM" from your services.

You are done! From now on, log into SAW using this link and you will go directly to MyEIM. 
If you use the regular SAW link, log in and select "MyEIM" from your secure services.

Where can I get help?

Download the MyEIM User Manual (PDF).

If you have questions or need technical support, contact the MyEIM team for:

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