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On August 1, 2013, we launched some big changes to EIM.  These changes affect data submittal, searching, and MyEIM.  Read on to find out more.

How has EIM changed?

Data submittal

The data submittal process has not changed! The Study form and data submittal spreadsheet templates have been updated, but only the Results template has significant changes. View the summary of changes for data submittal. Changes are briefly summarized below. You can also download the new spreadsheet templates and accompanying help documents.

  • Study form - We removed the user-supplied Study Start and End Date because they often didn't match the actual data.  These dates will now be auto-calculated, based on when the result data were actually collected.
  • Location template - We eliminated the Location Capped and Location Dredged fields. Also, we now only accept elevations referenced to the NAVD88 datum since this is the state standard.

  • Results template - We got rid of 15 little-used fields. We renamed some fields to make them more intuitive. We split out some fields that had been pigeon-holed in others. In all, we have a net loss of 11 fields.
  • Water level template - We made field name changes only, to align with Result template changes.
  • Bioassay template - We made field name changes to align with Result template changes. We also removed one Sample Method field and added Bioassay QA Level.
  • Time series result template - NEW template for continuous time series data. See more in the following paragraph.
Continuous monitoring data from field instruments

We have expanded the capabilities of EIM to accept continuous time series monitoring data from field data loggers, buoys, data sondes, pressure transducers, and other similar instruments. There is a new template by which to upload this data, with an accompanying help document.

As part of this change, EIM now auto-calculates time series summary values such as "Temperature, water (daily average)" and "Dissolved oxygen (daily minimum)." As such, we are no longer accepting time series summary data calculated outside of EIM.  Summary data submitted prior to June 29, 2013 will still be available in EIM.

Search, map, and download upgrades

We now have an all-in-one tabular search page. This makes searching more flexible and powerful. The map search has also been improved significantly. It is more integrated with the tabular search. You can now see more information directly from the map, something our users have been asking for.

Our Study and Location detail pages now display summary data, such as what media were sampled and the number of samples and measurements taken.  The detail pages have clickable maps.  The Location detail page also has site photos if available.

Monitoring programs

Ecology has specialized focus areas (monitoring programs) where we collect data for specific monitoring objectives; usually long-term and regularly scheduled, using a consistent protocol.  These data are stored in EIM.  We have added several specialized monitoring program search pages to accompany our existing Groundwater Monitoring and Status and Trends Habitat Monitoring (STREAM) search pages.  These include:

  • Washington BEACH Program
  • Puget Sound Marine Sediment Quality Program
  • River and Stream Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Marine Water Quality Program
  • Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program
  • Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Monitoring Program
  • Pesticides in Salmon-Bearing Streams Program

See our EIM Search page for more information.


The above changes are also reflected in MyEIM, our custom search and analysis tool.  In addition, we: 

  • Added fields that weren't previously available for searching, including well information such as completion depth and completion type.
  • Improved unit conversions so that any time you search on a value plus units, the search will find everything we can convert into those units.
  • Added the ability to specify "where null" (i.e. no value) for a particular field in your search criteria.
Help documents

We have revised most of our focused help documents to reflect the changes. Some are in draft for now, like TCLP, Fraction Analyzed, and Result Basis. These are close to final versions but we are still tweaking them.  We are also planning updates to the Samples from Multiple Depths and Field Replicates documents. Additionally, we are no longer providing a printable data dictionary. Use the searchable EIM help instead. When we revise our help system next winter we will have a way to print it again.

What about training?

We will be hosting statewide EIM training the weeks of September 9th and 16th, per the schedule below. The training sessions will be around 4 hours each and will cover the changes to the templates and search.  We will also be hosting simulcast webinars on the dates listed below.  We tried these out last time and participants were really happy with them.  Why travel if you don't have to?

Contact Jenna Durkee at (509) 454-7865 or Jenna <DOT> Durkee <AT> ecy <DOT> wa <DOT> gov for more information.

  • September 10 - Yakima Valley Community College, 10 am to 4 pm  Cancelled
  • September 11 - Spokane Community College, 10 am to 4 pm
  • September 13 - Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake, 10 am to 4 pm  Cancelled
  • September 16, 17, 19, & 20 - Ecology HQ, Lacey, 10 am to 4 pm  September 20th training cancelled
  • September 17 & 19 - Simulcast webinars, 10 am to 4 pm


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