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Data Reliability Statement Ecology's EIM system contains metadata for the estimation of data quality. The environmental data stored in EIM is both current and historical - and internally and externally derived.

Historical data has been collected under a wide variety of geopositioning, sampling, analytical, and quality assurance regimes. For some of the historical data, particularly data collected before 1975, there is no formal quality assurance. For some pre-1980 data and some sediment data, the analytical method used to generate data is undocumented.

Some recent Ecology monitoring studies may have a Study Implementation Status of "Ongoing," which indicates that the data review has not been completed. Data associated with an "Ongoing" status is provisional and subject to change.

For externally derived data, EIM staff depend on estimations of data quality provided by the affiliate. In some cases, there is inadequate information to ensure a robust data quality determination.  In all cases, we use best professional judgment for our data quality estimation.

EIM users should be aware of these conditions.  It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this data for your intended use.  Please use data from this site with caution.