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EIM Tools for Groundwater Professionals. Includes ArcGIS and R.
About GWDC
The Groundwater Data Center (GWDC) is part of Ecology's EIM system. It contains data collected by Ecology and affiliates.

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Wells 50 feet or deeper in Clark County

Wells at South Tacoma Field

Data collected between 1991 and 2011

Nitrate in wells

Wells at Acme Chemical site

Tutorial* - How to search Video   Slides 
By form or by map; make a chart or hydrograph     
Using data entry templates
  • Well construction and location info
  • Discrete water levels
  • Transducer water
  • Groundwater quality
Tutorials* - How to load Video   Slides  Example
Discrete water levels
Transducer (time-series) data (videos 6 & 8)    
*Some EIM field names changed after we made these tutorials, but the basic guidance is still applicable.

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