Download Data Entry Templates and Help

For data submittal, download all the EIM Data Entry Templates, Help Documents,
and Submittal Guidelines in this ZIP file, or download individual files below:

User's Manuals and Guidelines

Data Submittal Templates and Help

  • STUDY Help
     -For submitting info about your study. There is no template
     (use the online form in the Loader)
  • LOCATION Template and Help
     -For submitting field stations and wells
  • RESULT Template and Help
     -For submitting discrete monitoring data. If you are a lab
     preparing an EDD, see Lab Help
  • TIME-SERIES RESULT Template and Help
    -For submitting time-series, transducer, or other continuous
     monitoring field instrument data
  • WELL WATER-LEVEL Template and Help
    -An easy template to use for field well water levels. You can
     also use the Result Template for well water levels
  • BIOASSAY Template and Help
    -For submitting bioassay data

Look up Valid Values

Go to the EIM Online Reference Tables to look up and/or download valid
values for parameters, methods, taxa, units, labs, data qualifiers,
and tissue types.

Valid values are specific values EIM allows in certain fields. For more info,
see Valid Values and Online Reference Tables help document.

Download Valid Value Change Log to see additions, deletions, and
modifications (updated weekly).

Find Topic-Specific Help

The documents below focus on specific areas of data submittal and use.




Downloading Data

Documents for Ecology TCP Staff

Documents for Ecology EAP Staff

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