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Returning users

To submit data, you must first make an account with us.  Follow these step-by-step instructions.  If you are a returning user, simply Log in.

Link to log in to your EIM account via SecureAccess Washington
  1. Make a SecureAccess Washington account

or Log in if you already have a SAW account

Sign up for a SecureAccess Washington account


  1. Add the EIM Loader service

From your SAW account select:

  1. "Add a New Service" button;
  2. "Department of Ecology" from the agency list;
  3. "EIM Loader" from the service name list;
  4. "Apply" button.
  1. Link to the EIM Loader

From your SAW account select:

  1. "My Secure Services" tab;
  2. "EIM Loader" from your services;
  3. "Make a User Profile." Follow the online instructions.

You are done! From now on, log into SAW using this link and you will go directly to the
EIM Loader.

If you need help, contact the EIM Team.

Steps - submit your data

The basic steps for data submittal are below.

You will also be assigned an EIM data coordinator to help you with your submittal.

  1. Go to EIM Help to download "How to Load Data into EIM" and the EIM Templates and Help.
  2. Log into the EIM Loader via SecureAccess Washington;
  3. Enter your Study information into form in the Loader;
  4. Fill out the Templates with your data;
  5. Submit your completed Templates via the Loader;
  6. Work with your EIM data coordinator to finalize your submittal;
  7. Receive notice of submittal completion.
  • September 2017 - We just launched our new EIM Help application. Now you can find help for EIM all in one place!

Need help?  Contact the EIM team

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