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Most Frequently Reported Hazardous Substances
and Extremely Hazardous Substances

Approximately 4,826 facilities in Washington reported storage of one or more hazardous chemicals at or above reportable thresholds during 2015. Under Tier Two reporting requirements, the reportable threshold for hazardous substances is 10,000 pounds at any one time during the reporting year. The five most frequently reported hazardous substances are displayed in the first chart below.

The second chart displays the five most frequently reported extremely hazardous substances (EHSs). EPA designates these EHSs and their significantly lower reporting thresholds due to their acute risk to employees, the public, and the environment.  The value of making information on these chemicals available becomes apparent when one thinks of the risks faced by employees, emergency responders, and others in close proximity.

Hazardous Substances in 2015

Chemical Times Reported
Diesel Fuel 1,679
Oils 1,165
Gasoline 781
Propane 693
Lead 686

Extremely Hazardous Substances, 2015

Chemical Times Reported
Sulfuric Acid 2,082
Ammonia 567
Paraquat Dichloride 181
Chlorine 154
Dimethoate 62