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Tier Two Reporting Facilities

In reporting year 2015, 4,826 facilities in Washington reported 18,623 chemicals in various locations at their business sites. Nearly 4,000 of these chemicals were identified as extremely hazardous substances.  Click here for numbers by Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

The number of facilities reporting Tier Two chemicals increases each year due to increased outreach efforts, awareness of reporting requirements, and enforcement activities. In 1998, reporting requirements were changed for retail gas stations causing a significant decrease from this sector. Each year the number of reporting facilities changes because some businesses reduce the quantities of products they store and are no longer required to report, while other new businesses begin reporting. 

Since EPCRA was enacted in 1987, the number of facilities providing Tier Two data has increased fairly steadily from 348 in 1987 to 4,826 in 2015. This increase is likely due to more facilities becoming aware of reporting requirements, not increased storage of hazardous substances.

Facilities and Chemicals by County - An Interactive Map

To see the number of facilities and chemicals in a specific county, click on a county in the image below.


County Map of Washington State