Interested in Electronic Reporting?

Consider the NEW, efficient way to submit Tier Two Reports! This online reporting application replaced our EPCRAMail application. Tier Two Online allows you to:

To receive more information and be placed on a registration list, please send an email listing the facility name(s) and 12-digit Community Right-to-Know ID number(s) you want to report for to

You will be notified when your reporter profile has been completed and you have access to your site information. Please allow five business days.

If you need to submit reports for previous years, you will need to use the PDF reporting form.

Certification: The email address for an authorized representative will serve as the signature for the State Emergency Response Commission. Printed reporting forms sent to local agencies must have an original signature.

Please note: An authorized representative is defined as the person responsible for the overall operation of a facility; for example, the regional manager, vice president, or plant manager.