Section 302 - Emergency Response Planning

EPCRA Section 302(c)

The Emergency Response Planning provisions require that state and local authorities develop chemical emergency preparedness and response capabilities through better coordination and planning with local businesses.

Extremely Hazardous Substances TPQs are determined by the US EPA based on their potential to cause significant health effects in a single exposure, such as an air release.

The Emergency Planning Notification requirement involves chemicals listed on the extremely hazardous substances list (see 40 CFR part 355).
Any facility that has any of the listed chemicals at or above its threshold planning quantity must notify the SERC and LEPC within 60 days after they first receive a shipment or produce the substance on site.

Recent changes by the US Environmental Protection Agency give facilities 30 days to report any changes in the status of substances that would affect emergency planning.

Changes that can trigger notifications include closing a facility, bringing a new extremely hazardous substance (EHS) on site, moving the substances to a different location at the facility, and removing all EHSs from a facility.

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