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Grants and Loans

Ecology's Grants and Loans Programs

The Department of Ecology provides a number of financial assistance programs to support environmental management; see below for more information on each of these programs.

Natural Resources Grants and Loans

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office provides funding opportunities and technical assistance.

Air Quality

The Air Quality Program is offering a new grant program designed to provide Washington cities and counties with funding to retrofit their heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Environmental Education Grants

A wide range of environmental education grant opportunities are available through the Department of Ecology and other organizations.

Flood Control

This includes everything you need to apply for a Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP) grant. Grants are used for flood hazard management planning and building flood prevention projects (e.g., repairing levees).

Shoreline Management

The Coastal Protection Fund (CPF) is a non-appropriated revolving fund to pay for projects that: restore or enhance environmental, recreational, archaeological, or aesthetic resources for the benefit of Washington’s citizens; investigate the long-term effects of oil spills; develop and implement aquatic land geographic information systems.

Ecology offers two-year Shoreline Master Program grants to local governments to fund shoreline master program updates throughout Washington State. Local governments are required to update their Shoreline Master Program according to the schedule outlined in the Shoreline Management Act.

Toxics Cleanup

See Paying for Cleanups.

Waste Management

Financial assistance is available for waste management through the following programs: Community Litter Cleanup Program, Coordinated Prevention Grants, Public Participation Grants, and Remedial Action Grants and Loans.

Water Quality

Water quality grants and loans are available for a broad range of projects.

Watershed Management

Watershed planning grants are available for organization, assessment, and plan development as well as development of in-stream flow recommendations, multiple purpose water storage assessment, and water quality planning.

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