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Grants and Loans

Explore Ecology’s grant and loan programs

Several of Ecology’s environmental programs offer grants or loans for a variety of activities that help to promote the wise management of our air, land, and water for the benefit of current and future generations.

To find out more about these programs, including information on current funding cycles, previously funded projects, publications, contacts, or training, follow the links below.

Air Quality: Clean Diesel grants, Core grants, PM 2.5 grants, Wood Smoke Education and Enforcement grants, and Wood Smoke Reduction grants.

Shorelands and Environmental Assistance: Coastal Protection Fund - Terry Husseman Account, Flood Control Assistance Account Program, Floodplain Management and Control Competitive Grants Program, National Estuary Program Watershed Protection and Restoration grants, and Shoreline Master Program grants.

Toxics Cleanup: Remedial Action grants and loans, including Site Hazard Assessment grants, Oversight Remedial Action grants and loans, Independent Remedial Action grants, Area-wide Groundwater Remedial Action grants, Safe Drinking Water Action grants, Methamphetamine Lab Site Assessment and Cleanup grants, Derelict Vessel Remedial Action grants, and Integrated Planning grants

Waste 2 Resources: Community Litter Cleanup Program grants, Coordinated Prevention Grant Program grants, and Public Participation grants.

Water Quality Program: Aquatic Weed grants, Centennial Clean Water Program grants, Clean Water Action Section 319 Federal grants, Clean Water State Revolving Fund loans, Freshwater Algae Control Program grants, National Estuary Program Toxics and Nutrients grants, and Stormwater grants.

Water Resources: Watershed Planning Implementation and Flow Achievement grants.