Gateway Pacific Terminal Proposal
Wetlands and water quality compliance actions

In July 2011, PIT cleared approximately 2.9 acres of forested and shrub wetlands to construct roads to access pre-construction geotechnical boring sites on the Gateway Pacific Terminal site at Cherry Point. Another acre of forested and shrub wetlands was covered with side-cast soil and woody debris, for a total of 3.9 acres of wetland impacts. Ecology acted to correct violations of water quality and wetland protection requirements per RCW 90.48.

Water quality: Ecology directed PIT to meet the requirements of the NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit, and to obtain coverage under the permit for its pre-construction terrestrial geotechnical investigation. Wetland mitigation: Ecology, in coordination with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and Whatcom County, required PIT to prepare mitigation and restoration plans to offset and repair the wetland damage caused by the land clearing.

The Corps and Whatcom County required full restoration of the on-site damage caused to wetlands, but Ecology determined that additional mitigation must also be required to offset the time lag between the damage done to the forested wetlands and the decades it will take to restore the area back to a forested state, called temporal loss.

Therefore, Ecology required 2.9 acres of additional wetland enhancement in the same watershed to compensate for this temporal loss, and issued a compliance order to ensure its implementation and 10-year monitoring.
map showing site location as Whatcom County, WA

Gateway Pacific Terminal Proposal

Facility Site ID: #22237

Cherry Point,
Whatcom County

Region: Northwest Regional Office (NWRO)

Alice Kelly
Regional Planner
Northwest Regional Office
Department of Ecology